Start diving or snorkelling with Aqualonde

Scuba diving allows you, accompanied by professionals, to discover the marvels of the big blue, in our dive centre at La Londe les Maures.  Join us at some of the most beautiful dive sites of the Mediterranean to start this activity by doing some snorkelling, a try dive, or by completing your entry level certification.  Or simply, if you’re already certified, by doing some fun dives.

Another world offers itself to you, only 30% of the plant is above the surface, the rest is a playground for divers!  The underwater seascapes are disconcerting in their beauty and surprising richness.

Diving is an excellent way of going from dream to reality.  Underwater, buoyancy means that you aren’t limited to the seafloor with the crabs, you have the sensation of defying gravity.  You can fly over shipwrecks, navigate through forests of rich algae and swim amongst huge schools of fish.

This is a leisure activity that is accessible to many without a limit of age or physical condition.  You don’t even have to know how to swim!

Diving is classified as an extreme sport, but the practice of leisure diving has very few risks if you respect our safety advice.  In addition, it’s an abuse of language to classify it as a sport, as there isn’t any competition or notion of performance.  The only goal is to enjoy yourself!

You’ll be welcomed in a relaxed friendly and family atmosphere, with a team of serious professionals who put an accent on the leisure and fun of diving!