First Dive Aqualonde Experience (AE)
From €100

A half day

Nothing compares to the very first breath underwater. You need to get used to it, apparently, we’re not supposed to do this (!), but after a few minutes of fascinated wonder, most people realize just how easy diving is.  Our biggest challenge usually isn’t encouraging you to get in the water, more like getting you out of it.  The fun part?  It’s all fun!

The best way to observe a fish is to become a fish.Jean-Yves COUSTEAU.

Our discovery programme is constructed around all of this.  Discovering an environment, new sensations, animal and plant life, and being part of it all, if only for a moment.


  • You want to do it!
  • 8 years old for a try dive, 10 years old for the Aqualonde Experience

The first dive (baptême) consists of

  • Our infectious positivity!
  • Distribution of appropriate equipment
  • A thorough briefing
  • Boat trip to either Port Cros or Porquerolles Island
  • 1 2 1 with an Instructor
  • Underwater tour to explore the aquatic world
  • Getting used to buoyancy, breathing and the equipment
  • Optimal safety
  • Debriefing of the lesson and the animal and plant life
  • Receiving a magnificent certificate

During this first experience you’ll learn that it’s possible to breath underwater and you’ll see if you like making bubbles.  It’s a true introduction where you’ll descend individually with an Instructor to a maximum depth of 6 metres during roughly 20 minutes.  All you need to do is breath underwater and enjoy the show!

  • You’ll learn how to put on your diving equipment, discover the underwater world, and just how easy it is to dive, with all the gear.
  • You’ll discover the sensation of breathing underwater and you’ll see if you’re at ease.
  • You’ll learn some basic safety rules that will be useful when you get to the next step of passing your first diving certification.

The second dive

During the second dive (optional) you’ll try to manage yourself most of the time.  You’ll dive in small groups with the Instructor and get to share the experience 😉

  • You’ll do some basic skills and learn additional basic safety rules that will be useful when you get to the next step of passing your first diving certification.

With the Aqualonde Experience you’ll do two dives.

The first experience does not include

  • Accommodation or meal
  • Suncream or shower gel
  • Swimsuit and towel

What’s different with Aqualonde?

  • Sharing the experience with someone else.
  • No lifting, your gear is systematically transported with our chariots between the centre and the 10 metres distance towards the boat.
  • Hot showers on the boat and in the dive centre changing rooms.
  • Access to the most beautiful and prestigious dive sites of the Meditterranean.  You’ll discover the marine park of “Port Cros” and Porquerolles amongst the Golden Islands, opposite “Fort Bregançon” the residence of the President of the Republic.  The pinnacles (little underwater mountains) or the famous “Gabinière drop off” one of the most protected and richly populated sites in the heart of the “Port Cros” marine reserve.  Or even a wreck called the “Cimentier” (3-15m).  There is something for all tastes, enormous schools of barracuda, from turtles to sunfish via monkfish and groupers and red gorgonians!
  • Many hotels and restaurants nearby, for all budgets.  La Londe Les Maures is at the heart of the Côte d’Azur, between Hyères and St Tropez, in one of the most well preserved areas due to the “Port Cros” National Park and the summer residence of the President of the Republic : “Fort Bregançon”.  We’re located on the port, with a big car park, a departure point for the ferries to the Golden Islands and all public transport connections.  There are many other activities available for all of the family while you’re making bubbles!

Organisation and booking

RDV at 2.00 or 2.30pm at our dive base in “La Londe-les-Maures”.

Activity lasting around 3 hours (half day) for the try dive and a little more than 4 hours for the Aqualonde Experience, we supply all necessary equipment.

During your booking you’ll choose the date for the lesson.


  • €105 : Try dive, half day adult
  • €100 : Try dive half day child.  Also price for a minimum group of three people.
  • €175 : Aqualonde Experience, two dives and registration with PADI with worldwide recognition/credit
  • €165.  Aqualonde Experience (3 participants and more)

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