Courses for Children

From €320

3 dives

You’re between 8 and 10 years old and you want to continue scuba diving after your try dive?  You can do this by passing two FFESSM courses (French Federation of Underwater Studies and Sports):

  • Bronze diver
  • Silver diver

Each course includes three diving lessons with an Instructor, from the boat, most often in the Port Cros and Porquerolles marine reserve.


  • To want to do have some fun!
  • No experience necessary, you can even try scuba diving with an introductory dive.
  • Medical certificate.

Child divers are qualified to:

Bronze diver

You familiarize yourself with diving and do certain skills to get you comfortable underwater.  With this level you can do fun dives to a maximum depth of 6 metres, guided by an Instructor.

Silver diver

You learn to react to a larger number of situations, you learn to manage your own buoyancy a bit better and you can dive with an Instructor and two other divers to a maximum of 6 metres.

But what will you learn?

A Bronze diver (three dives) can:

  • Kit up and de-kit
  • Equalize ears.
  • Remove and replace their mouthpiece.
  • Dive correctly between 0 and 6 metres.
  • Return to the surface.
  • Recognize some underwater animals.
  • Know the basic signs.

A silver diver (three dives) can:

  • Know where they are in the 6m zone.
  • Return to the surface in all circumstances.
  • Point out multiple underwater animals and some plants.
  • Recognise the main hand signals.

The course includes:

  • Adapted and personalised training.
  • Course conducted by a high level professional.
  • 3 training dives.
  • Theory teaching.
  • FFESSM licence.
  • Certification.
  • Rental of appropriate equipment:
    • Smaller tanks either 6 or 10 litres.
    • Child sized BCD’s.
    • Regulators with smaller mouthpieces.
    • Full or shorty wetsuits with sizes available from 6 years upwards.

The course does not include:

  • Accommodation and meals.
  • Sun cream or shower gel.

What’s different with Aqualonde?

  • A lot of experience teaching children: in a small group or individually, you can discover scuba diving completely safely.
  • Your parents can accompany you if they have a Niveau 1 (or accepted equivalent certification)!
  • Time to explore and fun exercises to enable you to learn easily.

Additional options

  • Private training.
  • Supplementary training dives.
  • Warm up dives.

When can you start your training?

When you book you’ll choose the date for the first lesson.  During the first lesson we’ll establish the other dates with your parents.  If you want to know all the dates now, no problem, you can get in touch by phone or e-mail and we’ll sort out all of the dates now (weather permitting).

And then, how can I continue the adventure?

Once you have your certification you can dive under the supervision of an Instructor.  Once you are 10 you can become a Junior Open Water Diver.  Everything has just begun!

Organisation and booking

RDV in front of our dive centre at La Londe les Maures.

When you sign up choose the course and the date of your first lesson.  On the day we’ll agree the other dates (if you want to know all of the dates straight away please specify when you book)


  • €320.  Bronze or Silver Diver

This course is not directly bookable online, please call us on +33(0)609884555 or email or by clicking the button below.