The centre is located at the heart of the port, just 30 metres from our dive boats. On foot you can arrive from two different directions. Either via the port where you’ll notice an “Aqualonde Plongée” arch, or from the road where we’re visible due to a large elevated diver and a sign with our logo.

If you come by car you can easily park free less than 100 metres away from the centre, without any time limit.

We’re a ten minute drive via car or taxi from Toulon/Hyères airport, and 15 minutes from Hyères SNCF train station.

Seeing as diving should remain a leisure activity, we have chariots for transporting tanks to the boats. No heaving lifting at Aqualonde!

We organise morning and afternoon dives, but also double tank outings for the day. Our centre is equidistant (half an hour navigation) from the best sites of Porquerolles and Port Cros and around 20 minutes navigation from wrecks like the Donator and The Grec.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

Our terrace

The terrace is an unavoidable place where we’ll welcome you when you arrive. Here you can grab a coffee before preparing equipment and give us all the paperwork necessary for diving safely. When you return from diving it’s also hear where you can debrief the dive, complete and sign logbooks, and grab some photos with the team. We’d also be delighted to offer you a drink before you leave. A water fountain (hot and cold) allows you to stay hydrated, whether you prefer a cold glass of water or a tea.

It’s a sociable spot by definition, the one where we create our best memories out of the water.

Equipment distribution space

This area is dedicated to distributing any dive equipment that you need. We don’t always travel with all our gear, that’s why we have everything you might be missing.

Whether it’s a wetsuit appropriate for the season, a BCD or even a dive computer…one of our Instructors will be here to supply you with what you need, don’t hesitate to ask. We work exclusively with the brand Aqualung, and this allows us to offer you different ranges of equipment. Our rental equipment is recent and regularly maintained. Perhaps you really liked the suit or Reg you just dived with? They’re also available for sale (new or nearly new), so have a chat with a member of the team if you want a good deal.

Your changing and locker room

The changing rooms were recently refurbished. You’ll find two showers with hot water (always appreciated, particularly if you visit out of season), a changing cubicle and a toilet. Worried about your well-being, they’re regularly cleaned so we can welcome you in the best conditions. Crates are available for storage of personal effects, so you can take the bare minimum on board.

You’re coming alone or with a group? You can stock your equipment with us during your stay, no more there and backs dragging bags or boxes full of gear.

The filling station

Our filling station was redone in 2022.  It is composed of a Bauer PE-700 that delivers 42m3/hour, 23 300 bar air reserve tanks, 5 350 bar air reserve tanks and 4 300 bar Nitrox reserve tanks.  Our Nitrox station is by the manufacturer Oxyclean and allows us to fill between 32 and 100%.  We can fill up to ten tanks at a time, with pure filtered air.  The station is checked annually by qualified professionals.

We can also do fills “on demand”, chat to a member of the team to find out more.

The classroom

This space is dedicated to any theory lessons you might need during your FFESSM or PADI courses.  It’s equipped with everything necessary to conduct these lessons is good conditions.  A place where our Instructors can clarify all the questions you might have on the theory.  The room has a Wi-Fi network and projector screen.  A small coffee machine will keep you going whilst acquiring the essential knowledge of all good divers.

The workshop

Created two years ago, the workshop is completely dedicated to maintaining all of your equipment.  We only service Aqualung Regulators as we’re an Aqualung Partner Centre.  Do you have a doubt about the state of you Regs?  We can check them so you know what you’re dealing and enable you to dive with optimal safety and comfort.

Once again, please ask a member of the team for advice or information.

Our site is getting a makeover.

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