1st dive / Initiation

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Reaction to a Diving Accident – RIFAP A partir de 150€ The RIFAP, Reaction to a Diving Accident is a first aid and sea rescue certificate specific to underwater activities (scuba diving). It’s accessible to FFESSM Niveau 1 and 2 and it is compulsory to have it to obtain the following certifications: Initiator, Niveau 3…

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Courses for Children From €320 3 dives You’re between 8 and 10 years old and you want to continue scuba diving after your try dive?  You can do this by passing two FFESSM courses (French Federation of Underwater Studies and Sports): Bronze diver Silver diver Each course includes three diving lessons with an Instructor, from…

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Advanced Nitrox

FFESSM Advanced Nitrox Specialty From €400 4 dives The FFESSM Advanced Nitrox will allow you to dive with a mix enriched in Oxygen. With the Advanced Nitrox you’ll be trained in the use of an extra Nitrox tank to optimise safety and reduce the length of decompression stops.  When you use only one tank decompression…

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Start diving or snorkelling with Aqualonde!

A spacious boat and specifically trained Instructors.  We welcome you to discover the underwater depths of one of the most beautiful places in the Mediterranean: The Port Cros National Park is the Golden Islands (Îles d’Or).  We will accompany you and answer all of your questions concerning scuba diving or snorkelling.  A personalised and adapted briefing.  The initiation can take you towards a PADI certification.  You’re welcome for these unforgettable dives!


Experienced divers, prestigious dive sites around the Golden Islands and Cavalaire!

Descend onto the most well known wrecks of the Mediterranean:  “Donator”, “Grec”, “Ville de Grasse” the only dive on a paddle steamer still recognisable, the “Hellcat” and even a submarine the “Rubis”.  Without forgetting the underwater reefs of the famous “Gabinière drop off”, one of the most protected and fish dense dive sites in the heart of “Port-Cros”.  A BEES2, FFESSM Regional Instructor and his team welcome you for some unforgettable diving in complete safety!

Aqualonde offers groups all inclusive packages

We can take up to 50 divers to the best dive sites of the Golden Islands and Cavalaire.  All levels are welcome between try dives and autonomous divers.  Need some help?  We can help you organise all training courses up to FFESSM MF1.  Put our teal at your disposal!


We’ll get you to benefit from preferential rates with local holiday residences.  For day or week long diving packages.  We can look after everything and ensure you have an unforgettable experience.

Le Sec du Gendarme Le Cimentier Le Ville de Grasse Le Michel C Le Marcel Le Donator Le Grec Le ferrando Le Wilcat Le Spahis La Fourmigue La Pointe de Maupertuis La Puissante La Barge aux Congres Port-Cros L'Escampobariou La anse au blé Le Mustang P51 Aqualonde Plongée Carte Var Ouest Carte Var Est

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Aqualonde dive centre is based in La londe Les Maures between Hyères and Lavandou, opposite the Islands of Port Cros and Porquerolles. We welcome you for a large part of the year between April and November.


Discover the Gabinière, La Pointe de Montrémian, La Pointe de la Croix, le Sarranier, Le Cap des Mèdes and so many more.

You can also dive on some of the best wrecks of the Mediterranean such as the Donator, the Grec, the Rubis and many others