The most prestigious dive sites of the Golden Islands and Cavalaire

If you’re an experienced diver, that’s to say an FFESSM Level 2 or PADI Advanced Open Water Diver, you’re in the right place.  You can progress as a diver thanks to the different courses and certifications that we offer, or simply come and enjoy a fun dive on some of the most fabulous sites of the Mediterranean.

Which French divers have not heard about the wreck of the “Donator”, the “Grec”, the “Rubis” submarine or the “Gabinière drop off”?  This has been our playground for over 25 years!  We’ll share it with you with enthusiasm!  The concentration of excellent dive sites is incredible.  There is something for all tastes, from schools of barracuda to nudibranchs, turtles to sunfish, not forgetting monkfish, grouper and gardens of red gorgonians.

We prioritise comfort thanks to our faithful Jéronimo with twin 330hp engines, a hard hulled boat (not a RIB), that protects us from the elements.  We’re equipped with hot showers in the changing rooms and on the boat.  There is no carrying tanks up slopes or quays thanks to our chariots and the fact that the dive centre is based on the port.  All mixes of Nitrox are available.  We’re lucky to be the dive centre the closest to the Golden Islands from the mainland.

We offer training up to MF1 (Federal Instructor) and PADI Instructor including Advanced Open Water, Niveau 3, Nitrox, Dive Guide (N4), and PADI Specialties.  Our instructors are double certified FFESSM and PADI, supervised by a BEES2, Regional Instructor.  This perfects our training expertise.  You can also then be double certified to enable you to dive without constraint anywhere in the world.

Aqualonde is lucky to have privileged partnerships with two French startups: “iBubble” and “O’Dive”.  They have developed innovative and unique products that have attracted our interest, to which you’ll have access.  Respectively an intelligent underwater drone, and a Doppler (not invasive) that measures the amount of post dive microbubbles to give an insight into your individual decompression physiology.

We’re also an Aqualung partner centre, providing their product range as rental equipment.  You can even buy the equipment after trying it!  This means you have access to high quality equipment, produced by the brand created by Commandant Cousteau, whose reputation for quality needs no introduction.

La Londe les Maures is not only a paradise for divers but also family and friends.  You benefit from a quality tourist infrastructure: accommodation and restaurants in all price ranges.  Many leisure activities are available.  We’re in the heart of the Côte d’Azur between Hyères and Saint Tropez, in an area of natural beauty opposite the Port Cros National Park and the Golden Islands.

You’ll be welcomed in a relaxed friendly and family atmosphere, with a team of serious professionals who put an accent on the leisure and fun of diving!