Port Cros is an island of 7km2 located off La Londe les Maures and is part of the commune of Hyères.  It is one of the three Golden islands (Îles d’Or) and certainly the wildest and best preserved.  Port Cros was classified as a national park in 1963 which makes it the oldest marine national park in Europe.  Due to this Port Cros is a perfect place to do some extraordinary diving as very strict conservation regulations apply.  This island enjoys an incredible land and marine environment, the underwater sites are sublime and shelter a very varied plant and animal life.  With about 30 minutes boat journey you’ll be above the most beautiful sites of mainland France such as the Gabinière, the Montrémian Point and the Point de la Galère.  All of the spots are suited to all levels of diver as the geology of Port Cros allows for dives from 15-20 metres or 40-50 metres and even deeper.  In summary these are places where you’ll witness real underwater beauty, so don’t hesitate, come and dive with us at Port Cros.

For more information we’ll describe each of our sites just below!

Port Cros marine life

Port Cros’s marine life is incredibly rich and varied. Inarguably the grouper are the masters of the area. However, lots of other species are present like bream, dentex, morays, barracuda…you’ll spend your dives surrounding by clouds of damselfish and other smaller species. Whatever happens, you’ve understood, you’ll see a lot of life at Port Cros.

Port Cros fixed and plant life

The plant and fixed life of Port Cros is also very varied. You’ll find fields of seagrass (posidonie) which despite what many people think, is a plant not an algae. It provides shelter for a large part of the marine life. You’ll also notice gorgonians, that are coral, in many colours such as red, yellow and purple. You can also observe peacock tail algae which is white in a cone shape.

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