PADI Enriched Air Diver (Basic Nitrox)

From €150


The PADI Enriched Air (Basic Nitrox) Specialty will allow you to use a mix with more Oxygen.

The Nitrox Specialty is the most popular of the PADI specialties.  The reason is that diving with Enriched Air Nitrox allows a longer no decompression limit, signifying more time underwater, particularly for repeat dives.

You can stay underwater longer and return faster.  This is why many dives choose this as their first specialty.  It also means you’re less tired due to less Nitrogen loading for a given dive profile.

Very often liveaboards insist on this certification.  You might as well get ahead of the game.

You’ll be welcomed in a familiar and relaxed atmosphere, by a team of serious professionals who put an accent on leisure and pleasure!

What you can do after certification:

  • Use a mix up to a maximum of 40% Oxygen.


  • To want to do it.
  • 12 years old (permission from parents for miners).
  • PADI Open Water Diver or equivalent.
  • Medical certificate.

Competences you’ll acquire:

The PADI Enriched Air Diver (Basic Nitrox) Specialty introduces you to diving with a richer Oxygen mix.  You’ll learn about the advantages and inconveniences.  You’ll be able to anticipate the incidents that can arise due to the specifics of this type of diving and you’ll acquire the knowledge to dive safely.  You’ll learn how to analyse a Nitrox tank, rules about identifying the tanks, using Nitrox specific equipment, dive organisation and planning and using a multi-gas dive computer.

  • Equipment specifics.
  • Tank analysis.
  • Planning.
  • Autonomy.
  • Theory knowledge.

The course includes:

  • Adapted and personalised training.
  • Course conducted by a high level professional.
  • Practical teaching.
  • Theory teaching.
  • PADI certification.
  • Continuous assessment (no final exam).
  • Insurance.
  • A good atmosphere!

The course does not include:

  • Dives.
  • Accommodation and meals.
  • Sun cream or shower gel.
  • Equipment hire (50% off for a diver doing a course).


Additional options:

  • Additional training dives.
  • Warm up dives.
  • After obtaining this Specialty, complete another 4 PADI Specialties plus your Rescue Diver, to become a Master Scuba Diver.


What’s different with Aqualonde?

  • No lifting, your gear is systematically transported with our chariots between the centre and the 10 metres distance towards the boat.
  • Hot showers on the boat and in the dive centre changing rooms.
  • Access to the most beautiful and prestigious dive sites of the Meditterranean.  The “Grec”, “Donator”, “Hellcat”, “Ville de Grasse” : the only paddle steamer wreck still intact or even a submarine decorated with “The order of freedom”.  Not forgetting the pinnacles or the famous “Gabinière drop off”, one the richest marine life sites in the heart of the “Port Cros” national park.  There is something for all tastes, enormous schools of barracuda, from turtles to sunfish via monkfish and groupers and red gorgonians!
  • The closest dive centre to the Golden Islands from the mainland.
  • Many hotels and restaurants nearby, for all budgets.  La Londe Les Maures is at the heart of the Côte d’Azur, between Hyères and St Tropez, in one of the most preserved areas due to the “Port Cros” National Park and the summer residence of the President of the Republic : “Fort Bregançon”.  We’re located on the port, with a big car park, a departure point for the ferries to the Golden Islands and all public transport connections.  There are many other activities available for all of the family while you’re making bubbles!  Find all of our recommendations here. 
  • Did you like the equipment you used?  We offer it for sale at competitive prices.


Organisation and booking:

The course is mainly done online.  Contact us!

When you book please choose the course and the date you want for the first lesson.  We’ll agree the date of the other lesson after your first (if you want both dates immediately please specify this when booking).



  • €150.  PADI Enriched Air (Basic Nitrox) Specialty.

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